Time: the secret hidden behind productivity and business competitiveness

Time has become the most valuable resource that companies have. Understanding the role and importance of time in production is crucial to improve productivity, quality, and competitiveness in the market.

In order to be competitive today, a company has to build its own production process by trying to make the most of the potential offered by new technologies and to evolve more and more in the field of automation. By embracing the idea of an automated future, companies will be able to eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce costs, time, increase safety and accuracy.

Argesystems has identified the company’s needs to have a quality and differentiated production, by also reducing the downtime. This is why, since 2016, it has been the main player in the sheet metal bending sector with an innovative system: the automatic tool changer – ATC. This solution is able to use methods and processes that combine ease of use, time saving and production flexibility.

The automatic tool changer revolution: automation and speed in the bending process

The automatic tool changer is considered a real revolution. Positioned next to the press brake, it automates the manual bending process by speeding up the setup and programming time of the machine.

Let’s have a more detailed look of what it is:

The system is composed by storage that includes bending tools distributed on racks. It can be positioned either to the right or to the left of the press brake. The storage can have different capacities 32, 52, or 60 meter depending on the number of tools you want to store. In the press brake’s set-up, the tools are taken from the storage by a shuttle that recognizes the tools needed for the bending stations.

 Automation allows the press brake and the storage to interconnect directly with each other without human intervention by improving and speeding up the set-up and bending process. Thanks to this system, the operator has no longer to worry about performing the manual machine’s set-up, allowing him to spend his time in the supervision of activities that increase production and the verification of the final quality of the products.

The automatic tool changer’s added value is the integration with any type of new generation press brakes without limits in terms of tonnage or length.

From innovation to evolution: TWIN system increase efficiency

The effort made by Argesystems in terms of innovation and development has led to the evolution of the system in the TWIN version, where a single storage is placed between two equal or different press brakes by equipping both of them.

The TWIN system is particularly flexible because it allows the independent use of two press brakes interconnected with storage by reducing the workshop space and optimizing production.

Argesystems solutions are born from the desire to always create something different and up to date, by setting the rules of the technological innovation that is increasingly important in the world of metal sheet.  The R&D department is the strong point of the company today that is able to design advanced solutions based on the customers’ needs and increasing the market competitiveness.