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Rethinking how you use space can help to become more efficient.

Cube. is the new automatic storage of Argesystems, designed to store bending tools, and to optimize spaces inside the bending cells. Cube. is a flexible application, where robot and automation work in synergy to ensure more efficient management of the handling process.


Cube. is composed by four rotating racks on two electric axes. Storage capacity ranges from 30 to 50 meters, with the possibility to customize it according to customer needs.

Technical specifications

• Tools sectioning from 20 to 125 mm
• 180° punches rotation
• Customizable storage capacity
• 4 racks with variable height and length
• Double face racks handled by 2 electrical axes
• Different gripper according to work orders
• Gripper cleaning bench and tools
• Applicable to existing systems

RTC – robotic tool changer

Robotic Tool Changer is a special gripper that hands the tools from the storage to the press brake. Its movement is pneumatic and allows tools to be hooked quickly. The tools can be gripped by the pin frontally or reversed thanks to a patented safety device system.

The gripper is equipped with a laser device that searches the hole tools, guaranteeing a more precision and correct coupling. The laser scans the press brake before starting the cycle, in order to avoid any collisions.

Cube. has been designed to store bending tools but also it can be suitable for grippers storage. Therefore grippers arranged in rack will be easier to reach by the robot which, thanks to a quick change system, will be able to replace them automatically according to the programmed work order.


• Reduce spaces inside the robotic cells
• Large storage capacity
• Automatic set-up according to the working order
• Possibility to customize Cube. for bigger storage capacity