Quality, performance, product and process optimization, research of new technologies: these are the key concepts behind the evolution of Argesystems that have guided the choice of innovative components. One of them is the Schunk quick change system with patented locking.

Since 2010, Argesystems has gathered considerable experience in industrial automation, developing new engineering solutions for press brakes, shears and lasers. In recent years, thanks to a significant commitment to research and development, the company has expanded its experience in the field of robotics by designing and creating entire robotic cells by integrating technical skills with innovative ideas.

Argesystems has chosen the German partner SCHUNK in the automation management of robot grippers in order to ensure reliability and quality to the end user, in addition to widespread availability globally. SCHUNK SE & Co. KG is a German family-owned company with approximately 3,500 employees in 9 production plants, offering a solid presence worldwide through its 34 subsidiaries, including the Italian one. Thanks to its innovative spirit, SCHUNK products continue to set standards in the market, while offering a complete range of components, applications and services. The company is  looking at the future with determination. Its motto say “hand in hand for tomorrow”, representing the commitment to walk together with customers and partners towards the future.

Facing the challenges of today’s automation requires the search for a partner that will guide you carefully while offering solutions outside the conventional schemes.

SCHUNK’s pioneering vision for the automation of the future aligns perfectly with that of Argesystems. Both companies embrace the idea of an automated future, aiming to eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce costs and increase safety and accuracy with the shared goal of meeting customer needs.

From quality components to automation: ARGESYSTEMS GROUNDWAY

One of the latest projects of Argesystems is a robotic bending cell with ground-based on a rail robots. The goal is to expand the workspace, making robot translation more efficient to cover a greater operating area and optimize resource use.

The Argesystems Groundway bending cell includes a sheet thickness gauge, a centring station (dimensions 1500 x 750 mm) to place metal sheets in a reference position, a turnover system allowing the robot to hook sheets in another position, and a sheet metal scorter. This one, through the use of magnets and brushes, separates the sheets, avoiding the risk of hooking several pieces at once.

The innovative approach to material handling extends to the gripper change. For this automation, Argesystems was looking for a solution that would allow a secure connection between gripper and robot. This solution had to be easily installed on different type of robot and offer maximum adaptability for each specific application. To this need SCHUNK responds by presenting its SWS60 quick change system, a certified and patented system characterized by its irreversibility. In the specific application, the SWS60 quick change, which works pneumatically, is mounted on a KUKA robot with a load capacity of 50kg, and allows an automatic attachment of a gripper consisting of suction cups and magnets.

The added value offered by the Argesystems robotic cell is the management of offline programming in a fast, flexible and functional way directly from the technical department. The integrated software allows the import of 3D drawing formats, builds the robot’s trajectories, provides tool configuration and realistically simulates bending sequences and process timing. This advanced platform also allows the export of complete programs, ready to be make directly in production.

The collaboration between these two companies is an example of a future in which automation becomes an accessible experience before a process. Hand in hand, they are heading towards a tomorrow where every innovation is designed to improve people’s lives.